NEW ! CALM Brief for Newport West By Election


Large crowd expected at #NoNewM4 rally

Speakers include Adam Price, Lee Waters, Amelia Womack and comedian Lorna Pritchard.

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Our rally. Outside the Senedd, Cardiff Bay, 12.30pm, Tues 4th December

Tomorrow is the day. We’ll be outside the Assembly at 12.30-1pm, Tuesday 4th December.

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Click Here to see CALM’s Press Release on 31 October 2018 announcing  our submission of a petition to the Welsh Government signed by more than 12,000 people, opposing the M4 bypass. The numbers on the original 38 Degree petition which is still open for signature doubled in less than 3 weeks and have since risen again to over 15,000. You can still sign our petition at write to the Wales First Minister via the new Gwent Wildlife Trust page at


September ’18 CALM newsletter

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September ’18 CALM Press release

CALM has welcomed a new report from the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales which demolishes the case for a New M4. The research behind this publication highlights how we could be so much better served by investing in alternatives. To download the report, click here.

June ’18 CALM Press release

CALM welcomes new IWA transport report

New campaign materials available

We want as many people as possible to be able to fight the M4 with us, so we’ve created a suite of campaign materials you can use on our Take Action page. Take Action

The ‘shopping list of campaign actions’ gives you lots of ideas about how you can help, from the quick and easy to the big and ambitious. Shopping list of campaign actions

The more people that speak up and tell the Welsh Government and the Assembly that we don’t want this damaging and old-fashioned relief road, the more likely it is that they will find a better solution – one that saves money, saves nature, helps our health and is a decision Wales can be proud of.

As a dedicated group of local residents, concerned citizens and charities, all doing this outside of our 9-5 lives, we can struggle to find the time or resources to do everything we want. One of the things we haven’t been able to do so far is translate all of our campaign materials into Welsh. For example, you’ll notice the leaflets and posters are bilingual, but the template letters aren’t yet. Please bear with us while we find the resources to translate them – we care deeply about making sure everyone in Wales can access these materials in the language of their choice.

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28 march 2018

Following the end of the public inquiry into the £1.4 billion M4 relief road, to view CALM’s closing statement, please click here

For more information, please also see closing statements from Wildilfe Trusts Wales and Natural Resources Wales.