Motorway? No way!

The Welsh Government wants to build a new motorway across the Gwent Levels, to the south of Newport. It would cost taxpayers at least £1.5 billion and drive global warming whilst destroying a landscape known for its wildlife, archaeology, tranquillity and beauty.

A new road won’t work. It will encourage more traffic onto the roads, making congestion worse in South Wales’ towns and cities. CALM believes that sustainable transport options and road safety measures should be the sole focus for spending. However, if the Welsh Government persists with their ambition to increase road capacity, then Professor Cole’s Blue Route provides a more affordable motorway alternative with far lower impacts.

We can only persuade decision-makers to re-think their plans to build a new motorway across the Gwent Levels with your support.

This road is going to destroy five sites of special scientific interest, these are the jewels in the Welsh crown, that's why they are SSSIs.

- Iolo Williams, naturalist and TV presenter